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Dear Reader,

I’m not an expert in any area, I’m not a life coach, a healing guru, I’m none of that. I’m not even twenty yet. I am just a girl with unintended comedic timing when it comes to where I place my feet when I walk ( aka I fall a lot), I’m sensitive and emotional and the whole Sha-bang. This mean’s I spend my life learning. Learning how to handle situations. Learning how to get back on the wagon of s***t together.  I have to take a lot in as a lesson,  because the only direction I want to be going in is positive. Daily Kimmie is about sharing experiences and explaining how I had to work through it. Tips and tricks, things I love to do that make me feel more alive in a world that can be so dehumanizing.  I want to share my stories with you, and maybe help someone who has been or will be going through the same thing. I’m not going to lie, a lot of funny stuff, embarrassing stuff, thing’s I didn’t even know can happen are thrown my way. I either do the right thing, or I have to learn how to handle it without crumbling. Constantly I talk to people around my university who seem to be ” falling apart” , to which we all answer ” You’re doing great sweetie! Don’t worry about it!”. It’s okay to fall apart, truly I get it, but my blog is about not settling for mediocre happiness. It’s about getting it together, exploring your interests, and being the best weird, quirky, confident you.

Yours Truly,

Daily Kimmie

Leibster Award

Dear Reader,

A couple of months ago @lizkara123 also known as Dear Blog … Love Liz, nominated me for the leibster award ( thank you so much again).  It meant the world to me, and I was so excited to start writing this post.

Unfortunately,  I had to put my blog on hold for a little while. I was just starting out in college and I had to really focus on my grades and acclimating to college life before I could prioritize anything else. Basically, I had to get my S**t together. As much as I really did want to work on my blog, I couldn’t it was to much to juggle.  Now that I have a semester under my belt, I feel comfortable in saying that my brief hiatus is over, and I will be putting out posts again. I now have a better understanding of college life, scheduling, and how to time manage so I can keep up with my classes and do something that I love. Now I can finally pick up where I left off, and I can start with the Leibster award! You can read Liz’s original post where she nominated me here .

The Rules for the Leibster award are …

  • Acknowledge the blog(s) who nominated you and display the award
  • Answer the eleven questions that the blogger gives you
  • List 11 random facts about yourself
  • Nominate up to eleven other blogs that you think are deserving of this award (with less than 200 followers)
  • Let the bloggers know you have nominated them
  • Give them 11 questions to answer

Okay Lets get started 🙂

Here are Liz’s eleven questions and my juicy, scandalous answers ( not really… they are kind of run of the mill sadly)

  1. What is the biggest priority in your life right now?                                                         Getting the best grades possible, and my family.
  2.  Do you like to plan things out or be spontaneous?                                                               Normally when I over plan or schedule something I never end up having fun because I put expectation on the event. When I find myself in a spontaneous situation where fun happens naturally, I feel far more comfortable and easy going. For example, in tenth grade, I was on a field trip to Washington D.C and I met this boy from another school. We were standing outside, totally freezing in front of a memorial,  and we saw an elevator. It beckoned us, sweet, sweet, warmth. He took my hand, and led me to the elevator and when he stepped in I hesitated. He said ” in or out?”, I had never done anything like this, I took the step forward and the doors closed in front of us. We were laughing, hugging, until the elevator got stuck for a few minutes. Luckily it opened and we found our way back to our schools after venturing into the gift shop. Even though we could have gotten in a lot of trouble, its one of my favorite memories from high school.  So I guess… Spontaneous.
  3. What is your biggest fear?                                                                                                          I know this is going to sound super morbid but being utterly alone is my worst fear.
  4. What was the last movie you saw?                                                                                  Pitch Perfect Three… Loved it!
  5. If you were the opposite gender for one day, what would you do?                                  Pee standing up… and see what’s it like to call someone a bro without feeling like a total idiot.
  6. What’s your family like?                                                                                                           Loyal, safe, and loving. I know I can always go home if I ever need anything.
  7. How would you define success?                                                                                             To me, being successful isn’t measured in how much money you have, or how high you have climbed on the corporate ladder. Even though wealth and job stability makes life easier, being surrounded by family and love is the most important thing to me. Success in my book, is defined by happiness.
  8. What is the best piece of advice that you’ve received?                                                           If you set your mind to it, you can do it, even if it takes you longer or is harder then you expected.
  9. If you found $100 on the ground, what would you do with it?                                             I want to say something super nice, and down to earth, like give it to a homeless person or donate the money to charity. If I am being real here though, where’s the nearest ATM?  $100 is a lot to a college student. I’d definitely save the money for a rainy day.
  10. What is your biggest pet peeve?                                                                                           When people noticeably zone out while your talking to them… what’s the point in telling them anything? SO ANNOYING.
  11. What would you do differently if you could relive the past year?                                      Not let people get away with treating me meanly. High school is hard enough without people bringing you down.

Here are my 11 Random Facts … Hope you find them somewhat entertaining.

  1. My dream is to someday live in England
  2.  My favorite color is pastel yellow
  3.  I HATE the smell of butterscotch candy
  4.  I’m not the biggest fan of cooked fish, but love sushi
  5. One of my favorite Hobbies is snorkeling
  6.  I’ve been writing stories since third grade
  7. In sixth grade I wrote a novel
  8.  I prefer having a few very close friends, as to a lot of just friendly friends
  9. I have a twin brother that I look nothing like
  10. I love history
  11. I love taking baths

So, I know I am supposed to nominate bloggers with under 200 followers, and of course I will be putting a couple blogs I really love in the list that sticks to that standard. I also wanted to acknowledge a few people who have supported my blog when I was starting out. That first initial support was a huge motivator, and I wanted to express my appreciation by nominating them as well. Even though I am bending the rules a little ( Sorry!) I really wanted to do this, and I hope you understand.

The Blogs I am nominating are as follows:

  1. Dear Blog… Love Liz
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  10. Kibe Benson
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Go check out all of these amazing blogs, the link is attached to their names 🙂 I loved reading through everyone’s amazing posts!

Here are my questions for you! I hope you have fun answering them…

  1. If you could go anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would you go?
  2. What is your biggest turn off?
  3. What is your biggest turn on?
  4. Where would you like to be living in 10 years?
  5. What’s your favorite book?
  6. Why is your best friend, your best friend?
  7. If you could change your eye color, what would you change it to?
  8. What is your most prized procession?
  9. Who is your inspiration?
  10. What motivates you?
  11. What is your dream job?

I want to thank Liz again for nominating me! #supportsmallblogs

Yours Truly,


The Daily on Saying Goodbye to 2017

Dear Reader,
When I think of 2017, the words change, and transition instantly come to mind. This year held so many milestones and new experiences that changed who I am. Looking back to a year ago, I had just been accepted to college, and I was still in the throws of high school prom drama and online courses that made me want to pull my hair out. I was so done and over with where I was and who I was surrounded by. High school was not an easy road for me. For a large portion of it I was dealing with medical issues that took me out of class a lot. When I finally did get better, it was too late to make my way into a click. I felt on my own and I was behind academically. Thankfully, I had a supportive family and a few amazing teachers who really helped me get through the final stretch of high school and gave me the final push to get the grades I needed to finish in a good place. I had earned my diploma with a lot of late nights a few tears and a lot of effort and work. Graduation day was the best day of my life. Not because I enjoyed the ceremony, or was surrounded by the best of friends, it was the fact that I made it. I was done. All year I felt this hunger to walk across that commencement stage, and gather that diploma in my hands. When I finally did, it was like taking a bite into my adult life. All the tension and nervousness, all the pain and struggle that had crept into my life the past four years left my soul, and I was free. It was by far the most satisfying and rewarding feeling.

All year my Mom and I planned this trip to England. It was a graduation and 18th birthday present. When my Mom and I heard the pilot que in and tell us we were embarking on our final descent to London, I started to cry I was so happy. I almost couldn’t believe where I was. I had graduated high school and now I was almost in England, a place I have dreamt of going to since I could remember. After that trip with my Mom I felt my life fall into place.

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I came home missing England of course, but I looked at my school’s study abroad program and now I am determined to go back as soon as possible. I was in and out of the Keys where we fished and participated in lobstering season. I faced a lot of fears this summer, jumping into the ocean, trusting my body, learning to swim like a fish. I loved almost every second, and am grateful for that time I spent there, it truly pushed me out of comfort zone and I did things I never thought I was capable of.

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College has been a bit of a roller coaster, but a fun one. Like every other freshman, you feel a little like an alien. You don’t know where you are or how to act all the time and I have already switched my major. Finding your balance in college can be rough but its important. It took me a while to figure out my schedule and to find people I felt close with but eventually college just becomes life, and everyone is just trying to coexist the best that they can. move in              I am still learning. I will be for a long time. There is so much I still need to improve upon. I have my resolutions and things I know I need to change but this year also taught me to be who I am. I also learned that pushing yourself is far better than thinking “what if” after not trying. I hope that at this point next year I look back and I have grown even more . I hope that for all my readers, and I wish you all a very happy New Year.

Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018.

Yours Truly,
Daily Kimmie

The Daily on my Fall Beauty Favorites

Dear Reader,

As I was packing up for college, I took a large look at my makeup collection and my mind began to race. What are the products I want to bring? I can’t bring all of it! What if I leave something at home that I desperately need one day? Eventually ( after a long swatching- try on process) I narrowed the bags of goops, powders, and glosses down to what I really wanted to have with me up in Connecticut. Since I have been here, I have taken note of the products that I consistently reach for in the morning before class, and use to doll up before going out at night.  With a light or heavy hand, these makeup items have been a staple in my routine since the start of the semester. Without further ado here are my current beauty favorites.

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel
Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel

This moisturizer is step one in my beauty regimen. Not only does it go on smooth, but it dries down soft and matte, not oily or greasy. This preps my skin and gives me a good base for foundation.


Estee Lauder Double Matte Pressed Powder 02 Light/Medium

I have been using this powder for years, and it has never failed to dry oil and hide shine.  Clearly I love this powder ( as you can see,  I have hit the pan) goes on flawlessly over concealer or foundation, and is the perfect finishing touch to any makeup look. If you ever struggle with oil, and or shine on your t- zone,  or just want a medium coverage powder, that won’t go on heavy but will still do the trick, I highly recommend this product.

Trish McEvoy 24 Hour Eye Shadow and Liner
Shades: Topaz, Rose Quartz, Dove


These shadows are extremely wearable, and user friendly. How I like to style these shades are either as a day look, the cream shadow used all over the lid and then blended out to create a soft pigment, or a night look, intensified with other shimmery shadow and applied as a base. The really amazing thing about this product, is it is a wet-dry formula, meaning it goes on as a cream shadow and then dries down to be more of a powdery consistency. Your lid doesn’t feel wet or heavy, and the color stays the same throughout the drying process. It also takes no time at all to sweep this over your eye in the morning with some mascara and look completely put together.  These shadows are my go-to when I am running late, or need my eye look to stay locked in place all night.

Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow; Shade: Rose Gold Retro


Fun, sparkly, and dramatic, I love to layer on this Metallic rose gold when I go out at night. This product adds some serious flare to your eye look. You can either wear it on its own ( I typically paire it with some white eyeliner in my water line and a soft pink lip) or on top of another shadow to add some glitter.



IMG_0009 (1)
Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Palette


Over the summer I had a makeup enlightenment in the sense that I looked around my eyeshadows and realized I barely had anything matte. College was right around the corner and I wanted to grow up a little ( Makeup wise) and get something that wasn’t packed with sparkle and shine ( not that I don’t still love to wear sparkle, I just needed some more variety.) So for my birthday I asked for this palette. I absolutely love every color, its pigmented, it glides on easy and the shadows are very buildable. You can go for a soft and delicate look or intense and va va voom statement makeup. It also has all the autumnal shades I could have possibly asked for.

Tanya Burr Lip Gloss, Tanya Burr Matte Lip
Tanya Burr Matte lip in Martha Moo, Tanya Burr Lip Gloss in I Found Nemo


In England, I was obsessed with the store Super Drug, and for those who have not been, Super Drug is sort of like a heavenly makeup and beauty product filled CVS. I was so excited to go and check out Tanya Burr’s line, and I picked up ( among a few other products) this gloss, and matte lip. LOVE…LOVE…LOVE! They aren’t sticky at all and last for a few hours. They also so smell so yummy. I know that for us in the States we have to pick up our Tanya Burr products on feelunique.com, and its not quite the in store experience, but I will definitely be stocking up on her lip products again, as soon as I run out.


I hope you enjoyed reading this! If you try any of the products leave me a comment telling me what you think! Or let me know what your favorites are.

That’s all for me now,

Yours Truly,

Daily Kimmie


The Daily on Advice from a College Freshman

Dear Reader,

You know that moment, when your on a roller coaster, your strapped in and your going up an incline? Your stomach is dropping, your palms are sweating and your nerves are gathering  because you know the drop is coming sooner then later and its going to be exhilarating and scary. That is similar to the feeling I was experiencing when I started College. After your first week, your first cycle of classes, and you meet some nice people you eventually do drop off. You get off the roller coaster completely, and now, well its just every day life. After you get a feel for your environment and your schedule normalizes, nothing feels to out of the ordinary. Now it is just you, in college, doing your college thing. I am coming into my eighth week here, and there is definitely some aspects to university life that I want to share and discuss with you.  Some negatives, some positives, and some things that I have learned along the way. I know that I haven’t been here long, and I will experience so much more, but I just wanted to write a reflection on my first few weeks here as a freshman. Here are some life lessons, good and not so good moments, things that I wish I had known before I got here, and everything that I have had to face in between.

  • The Freshman Fifteen is not a myth,  it can/will happen to you. Incase you don’t know, the Freshman Fifteen is an infamous term for the weight you gain in your first year of college. All the newfound freedom and easy access to ooey chocolate chip cookies, and frosted cupcakes, along with the substance consumption, and lack of curfew basically equals fifteen ( or a number around there) pounds up on the scale. Unless you are extremely cautious and have extraordinary will power, most of us bend the knee to the dessert table. It’s so easy to run up and grab a donut after lunch, or in the morning to have a scone with your bagel. Its sugary, it’s yummy, and its available. Yet, when the “little kid in the candy store” effect wears off, and your jeans don’t fit like they used to,  well that’s when you look back on all of the snacking and dessert grabbing and start to get a concept of all the calories and sugar you are digesting. About two weeks ago I took a look in the mirror and started to feel really bad about my physical appearance. I felt heavy, bloated, and gross. Making good choices is hard especially when the right choices are hard to find and not always available. So I started to map out a system  to keep myself on track. I was going to write another food post all together so I will spare you the nitty gritty details and save the specifics for then. Something that I find extremely helpful is taking pictures of my food. If at every meal you take a quick pic of what you are eating, not only does it persuade you to eat healthier, but it shows you what you consume throughout the day so you know if your over doing it or not. This only works if your honest though, so if your thinking about trying this technique, you can’t choose what you want to take a picture of.  You have to be real and snap everything that you put in your mouth. The rest I will put in my other diet and wellness post so if you want to learn more, I will be posting about that soon and you can read about it then.
  • Living with someone else has an adjustment period, compromise, and don’t be afraid to speak freely to your roommate about any concerns or issues you are having. It is just as much your room as it is theirs.
  • Learn how to time manage properly, and always have an agenda with you. I was struggling with keeping myself on a schedule, so I talked to my friend and they helped me create a calendar with a general outline of when I should take free time and when I should focus on my work. Time blocking your calendar out HELPS, plus you can do it all on your phone with an app. If you don’t feel comfortable going to a friend and asking for help, seek out a student center or an advisor and they will either point you in the right direction of someone who can sit down and teach you how to do time management, or help you themselves. IT IS OKAY TO ASK FOR HELP! Never feel ashamed of struggling as long as your are working to improve yourself with maximum effort.
  • Something I wish I had known before I packed my bags, is  that there is absolutely no need to pack up your entire bedroom. Dorms are small, and living in a tiny space with someone else requires organization. If your messy like me, the less stuff you have the better. A minimalist approach will keep your side of the room decluttered and clean looking. Trust me, your not going to want stuffed animals, nick knacks and random crap you have collected over the years in your limited space. I know I will be taking home stuff I don’t need this upcoming winter break. The essentials are important, but remember that you also don’t want every inch of your room to be showered in your stuff. You need your desk relatively clear, and your bins to have some extra room incase you go shopping and gradually collect other things over the course of the semesters.  So if your packing up for college, I highly recommend you think about how much use you’ll get out of what your packing. If you normally don’t pick it up at home, chances are it’ll be unnecessarily packed in your dorm somewhere.
  • Lastly, I wanted to point out that college is purely what you make of it. One of the more important lessons I have learned so far is that if you don’t involve yourself, your college experience will not be as positive and fun as someone who did choose to bring themselves to a club or an event. If your having problems finding where you belong, go to a bunch of different meetings and clubs until you find the place where you feel you fit. Recently I felt I had to much free time on my hands, and I needed a place to go when I wanted not only a social environment but a place where I can distress and blow off steam. I found the radio club and now I have my own show. Whenever I feel down or just need to get out of my dorm room, I head to the radio station. I love it, and it already feels like home to me there. It gives a community and its a wonderful creative outlet. My final point is, is that if you grab college by the horns, you can get a pretty awesome ride out of it. Taking  charge, being friendly to people, and trying new things is the best thing you could possibly do to enhance your college life.

Hopefully you took something from this, and it helped or you related to it one way or another. And if you didn’t, well then I hope you enjoyed. If you want to tune into my radio show, go to mixlr.com/wsam-radio, every Sunday I am on from 4-5 pm. Hope you will listen in!

Yours Truly,

Daily Kimmie



The Daily on a Fall Poem

Dear Reader,

Today I wanted to share something with you, that I actually wrote for a class. My history professor gave us a hands on assignment, in which we go outside for an hour, avoiding all modern technology the best we can, to simulate more or less what it would be like to live in the seventeenth century ( technology wise). Then we had to write a creative reflection, illustrating our experience. Being a blogger, I tend to constantly check social media. I don’t remember the last time I left my home without my phone somewhere on me, and I can’t recall the last time I enjoyed a beautiful sunset without snapping a picture of it to post. This assignment was refreshing, an honest wake up call, reminding me that every once in awhile, it’s okay to not be attached by the hip to your profiles and text messages. Here is the poem inspired by the experience. I hope you enjoy it.

Yours truly,

Daily kimmie

Thoughts from a Midnight Walk

The darkness from the night sky is kissing our shadows, as we walk, briskly.

Boots scraping against the pavement, the familiar sting of wind on our cheeks, turning our noses pink,

Where is the profile? Where is the like?

Where is the technology that keep us up at night?

Gone in the wind, I feel its absence, like a part of who I am, left at home.

My eyes hold no strain from a screen,

I look around and feel things around me,

I feel the crunch of the leaves beneath my toes, the rustle of the grass as the night grows,

I see no one else, just me and the steps as I walk somewhere else.

I hear music, loud in the drums,

I see phones and swiping thumbs,

Yet I reach in my pocket and it is not there,

I left some of myself in my room, to avoid its glare,

My feet move forward, the temperature drops,

Watercolor nature blends like a picture beautiful and effervescent,

The breath of an innocent to the breath of a bird,

We hold the key to the world,

Back in time, books are read,

no kindle or nook to make a books bed,

In the future, we drive, we push and shove, go fast to emphasize our hurry,

Back in time we appreciated our surroundings, the simplicity of a snow flurry,

Southern girl in the north, culture is different here,

Fishing and oceans, sandy feet all that I hold dear,

Here it is different, different fun, different way of life,

Yet a staple that hasn’t changed is the technology that will suffice,

Walking now, hand in hand, with the pretty overnight view,

I picture the dirt road to the past, and all the modern appreciation,

That rarely comes through,

Walk, talk, see,

hear all that is around,

I listen and learn to all that I am missing because I have been looking down.

The Daily on an Epiphany in a Grocery Store

Dear Reader,

I was going to write a completely different blog post tonight. I will still write what I had in mind,  it was about what I bought in a grocery store, to be titled ” Lean and Clean Prep” or ” Khaleesi approved foods”. I couldn’t do it. Not today.  Let me catch you up to speed. Today I went grocery store shopping to stock up my dorm room with lean and clean diet approved food. Even though I am on a college meal plan, I needed a few healthier, fresher alternatives in case I sleep past my alarm in the morning, and don’t have time to go to the dining hall. Before we went to the grocery store, my friend and I had  been perusing the mall.  I ” treated myself” as the youngins like to say. I don’t splurge often. I was being careless, frivolous.  There was no meaning behind handing over my card to buy something.  As soon as I had the receipt in my hands, I shoved the piece of paper into my pocket and carried on. I didn’t think twice about what actually just happened. The money being spent. We got a snack, went to dinner. All the while I was using that card with no thought, no care. It was just money. Money in an account. When we hit the grocery store, I realized I needed more things then I had accounted for. I had never actually gone grocery shopping without a parent, and or someone else paying for the items I throw into the cart. As I looked at the different prices of peanut butter, the cost difference between organic (what I want to eat), and non organic,  I felt my stomach knot a little. I remember back to a time when I was shopping with my Mom back home. I stumbled across this expensive granola, that I thought looked like something a famous person would eat. How could they not? It just looked that healthy, and in turn it was that expensive. I asked my Mom for it, and well, she said no. “There was no need for fifteen dollar granola”, she said. “The richest man on the planet does not need fifteen dollar granola”. I whined, I complained. I gave her the ” Please Mom, its only fifteen dollars and I will be ever so disappointed if you don’t buy this for me” look. When I blinked, clearing the memory from my eyes, I looked at the granola, I looked at the one I had been overwhelmingly spoiled over.  I chose the one on sale, and left that aisle with a heavy feeling weighing on my shoulders. Why has it taken me this long to understand the cost of living? I have worked before,  spent money before. Yet, I haven’t been impacted. I am lucky, I am someone who always had food in the fridge when I opened it. When the cashier rung me up, and I saw how much money I had to spend on food alone, I thought back to what I had previously purchased at the mall, the dinner I ate, the fifteen dollars I was digesting. I felt a little sick. Now a days the world “adulting”  is often thrown around  in millennial culture, and my generations every day vernacular.  The Merriam Webster dictionary’s definition for the word adulting is to behave like an adult, specifically to do the things—often mundane—that an adult is expected to do. I have used this word a lot since I came to college. When I am doing laundry, or writing a paper I will complain to my roommate that ” adulting” is so difficult. At the grocery store today, I graduated adulting. I no longer have the need to point out that I was simply pretending to be an adult, behaving as one would, and the struggles that entail, because truly I don’t know what those struggles are. I haven’t worked to support anyone other then myself, I am not responsible for another living being.  Tonight was my first taste, my first bite into what it actually means to go into a grocery store needing food, not just wanting it. I took my first spoonful of looking at the cost of things I have taken for granted,  I thought about all the Moms and Dads that have to work hard to come to this grocery store, and feed their families. ” Adulting” isn’t being on your own, doing things that grown ups do. That is simply maturity.  Implying that you only act like an adult, is also implying that you are still a child. As a child, I was annoyed at the fact that I didn’t get the specific granola that I wanted. As an adult, I feel lucky that I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to go grocery shopping with my Mom, that growing up I never felt hungry. No longer will I be someone who practices adulting. Now I count my blessings, and hope to grow further so I can  develop into a person who has many epiphany’s elsewhere, about what it mean’s to grow up.

This experience was truly humbling.


Yours Truly,

Daily Kimmie