The Daily on the First Post


Dear Reader,
Trust me when I say, I know that a lot of people are doing the exact same thing that I am right now. Writing a blog post about beauty or fashion, and posting it online for the entire world to see. Unfortunately, with the internet taking such a prominent role in our lives, originality is very difficult to achieve.  When I thought about starting a blog, I typed into the google search bar ” Beauty Blog”. The results were not only intimidating, but also overwhelming. How am I supposed to create new content? How will I ever be noticed? Will anyone ever read anything I am posting? Eventually, I just had to sit down, tell myself it really doesn’t matter and begin to create. The truth is, I love to write, I love to experiment with makeup and learn new forms of beauty and lifestyle ( Which is what I will be writing about on here).  I felt like it was time to stop getting in my own way about something that I love to do, so here I am. Writing to you Reader, about how I am beginning something new. Maybe I will write about the same thing that everyone else is, maybe I won’t. Maybe the only person who is reading this, and ever will, is my mom. That’s okay. If other people do decide to read, I want you to know that I appreciate you being here, and I hope that my main message impacts you just a little. That message being, that beauty is different to everyone. The way we perceive others, the way we look at ourselves, we have a choice to see beauty, to see the good, or we can dismiss it because it is not what we were raised to believe what is attractive or pretty.  So much of our day to day lives have been corrupted by this unhealthy desire to portray an image of who we want to be online. This media dishonesty that we have built,  is very limited to realistic beauty.  I am guilty of being part of this society. I only post pictures that I approve of, where my hair looks just right, or I am at my most thinning angle. Yet, when you see me in everyday life, there is no thinnest angle, or picture perfect moment. I am just me. I now strive to find beauty in being natural, in being humble. If your natural is a lot of sparkly glitter and orange lip stick, then I think it is beautiful as long as you pair that look with your kindness, and confidence.  If this blog will be anything, it will be honest and true. I will be posting about beauty, makeup, fashion and health. I want to explore all that makes a human being beautiful, without center focusing it on how I am supposed to look for others to see. Why not go wild and change up your look? Why be afraid? Why not disconnect yourself from our generations expectations of what we are supposed to look like? Why not feel amazing for your own sake, Not just for that boy you sit next to in Econ, or you ex boyfriends new girlfriend? I hope you will come on this journey with me to find self expression,  new forms of beauty, and to build up what I am calling your ” in real life” confidence,  not how you look or act on your profiles. The main objective of my blog? To explore all that fashion and makeup have to offer freely, with no pressure and societal norms stopping me from trying something new because it hasn’t been uploaded yet. Lets try out all the looks, wear all the lipsticks, and take a chance. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Look around you Reader…What do you see?
Yours Truly,
Daily Kimmie


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