The Daily on the Paleo Diet

Dear Reader,

It feels like forever since I last posted, but recently I went through a huge life change.
I moved about 1500 miles away from home and started college! ( By the way that’s a picture of me looking down at the camera with a scenic background, and the picture came out better then expected hehe)
I won’t go on and on about this, its really not the point of this post, but for my mom who will be reading this, yes I am very happy and I love you. Anyway, one of the classes I signed up for was ” History Through Food”. It is extremely interesting, I love my professor to no end. Every class he brings in some form of food for us to try that relates to the lesson. The first day he brought in a large homemade chocolate cake, took a big slice for himself, and as he was licking the velvety icing off his fingers he started to chuckle, looked up at us and said with a mischievous smile, ” Don’t tell my wife, I am diabetic.” And with that he popped some more cake in his mouth and carried on. Last class he assigned us some reading about the paleo diet. For those who aren’t familiar with this diet, the Paleolithic diet aka the stone age diet and or the cavemen diet, has people eat how hunters and gatherers did before farming modernized how we eat today, with grain. The most important rules of the diet consists of these four steps…
1. No grains
2. No Sugar
3. No processed food
4. No dairy

What you do eat on paleo is mostly meat, veggies, fruit, eggs, nuts, oils, sweet potatoes and yams. Honey is also considered acceptable in some cases.

As I was absorbing all of this information, my overactive imagination sent me on a trip back in time. From images of the Flintstones and the Croods flashing in my head, to wondering when faux fur would be back in style, to very sexy, fit, sweaty cavemen hauling tonight’s dinner over his shoulder, I couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if I tried out this diet and put myself in the shoes of a hunter gatherer. And that was it, my curiosity was sparked and now I have decided to try it for a couple of days.  Most of the articles I read told me to give it a full month to see the effect of the diet on your body, but being a college kid, and a lover of cheddar sun chips and cupcakes, I figured around a school week would be a good amount of trial period. So I will be checking  in with my ultimate takeaways by the end of the week, so stay tuned to see what happens! Hopefully a boy that resembles a caveman will meet me on the healthy food line in the dining hall at dinner. Oh how nice that would be.

Yours Truly,

Daily Kimmie

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