The Daily on the Paleo Diet in a College Atmosphere (Final Takeaways)

Dear Reader,

First off being on any diet is difficult, but Paleo (with the smell of warm bread and a soft serve machine only a few steps away) was extra hard. Paleo is not for the weak of mind, it requires a large amount of discipline … followed by some more self control, sprinkled with some will power right on top. Trying paleo out in a college cafeteria definitely gave me more of a challenge. Right off the bat I would like to say I tried my hardest. Vegan, gluten free and dairy free options are all thankfully available to students in certain areas of the dining hall, but unfortunately there is not a section for an extreme ancient diet. Therefore, I had to make a few exceptions and just eat. Though I did stay true to some of the rules. I did not eat straight bread, any diary and I tried my hardest to eat as many veggies as possible. That being said, I would like to note that eggs and fruit in the morning were my saving grace, followed by soup and smoothies for lunch and dinner. Bending the rules, all though I felt guilty about it,  was definitely unavoidable in some situations. For example,  sometimes you would have gluten free rice, but there would be some barbeque sauce on the top. I doubt cavemen were feasting on sugary barbeque but that’s what I mean when I say this diet wasn’t very flexible towards a college students life. If I were living at home, I’d go to my local grocery store, stock up on all things Paleo and without a doubt this would have been a much easier diet to handle and keep control of. As of right now I am not sticking with the hunter gatherer diet, yet I did learn a few things along the way that made me feel much better in clothes, and more energized during the day. My first takeaway is I did not bloat… at all. This diet is so clean, and leaves you feeling really healthy. You don’t swell easy and you feel lighter on your feet. Second takeaway is eating less stocky bread promotes good digestion, and really when it comes down to it, Paleo teaches you that not everything has to be breaded, fried, or smacked in the middle of a sandwich. Lean meat and veggies is extremely satisfying and motivates you to eat just as healthy at the next meal because of how good you feel from the last. I rarely felt hungry, and the temptations started to fade after a while. Lastly, if your going to do Paleo try it with a friend. As I was going through the motions with this diet  I realized if I had a friend with me, it might have been more fun to go to the dining hall and figure out how to eat. It would have been good to have a touch stone, someone to relate to throughout this experience. Overall, if your thinking about trying this diet, I recommend waiting till you have some free time and a long break to really hunker down and commit. It is hard, but its not impossible. I am really glad I tried it and now I am going to make a few small changes to my normal diet to make it lightly more cavemen friendly because I loved the way it made me feel, inside and out.  Below I put up a few pictures of what I ate throughout the week. Hope you enjoyed this update.

Yours Truly,

Daily Kimmie


eggs 1
Morning Egg Omelet
Lunch Mango Smoothie
snap peas
Snapea Snack


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