The Daily on the Lean and Clean Diet

Dear Reader,

According to the very wise Wikipedia, over 3.8 million people watch Game of Thrones.
I am happy to say that I am finally apart of this statistic.
Being a little late to the GOT party, I have been catching up on HBO, and successfully dodging spoiler alerts (as I do take this extremely seriously) because wow… not only is this show beyond aesthetically pleasing, but it has a story line that keeps me crying for days.  My favorite character Daenerys Targaryen, or Khaleesi is played by the stunning Emilia Clarke. Throughout the show, we see Clarkes character develop into a strong queen. Not only am I a big fan of the platinum hair, the beautiful braids, and the gorgeous costume design, I really love what Khaleesi stands for. Also… Drago… one of the hottest things I have ever seen in my entire life… until he dies, that episode was quite a devastation for woman everywhere. Khaleesi’s character blossoms overtime as audiences watch with wide eyes as she stands up for woman, fights for love, and demonstrates  how a strong, empowered female can kick ass, and look amazing whilst getting her hands dirty. Khaleesi’s outfits also develop and change and we see her  in all forms of dress. From loose shifts to mad max looking desert attire, to beautiful dresses to combat wear. Wearing a costume like that inspired me to start doing research on diet plans from the show ( If I am going to fit into something like that for Halloween I need to start working for it now).  I wanted to see how I could bring a little bit of the GOT spirit into my own life.

Since my paleo diet posts had a really positive response, I went on a google hunt, in search of an official Game of Thrones diet. I thought maybe a nutritionist would have worked with all of the cast members, or something would have been out there that they did on set. Nope. Seeing as GOT also takes place in imaginary lands, there is no official diet to follow from the actual world the show takes place. So I turned to Clarke for help. After doing a little research on how she eats I found out that she follows a diet plan called Clean and lean. It was created by James Duigan. The basic principals of the diet are to cleanse your body of toxins and eat foods that are as close to their natural form as possible. It is a diet/ lifestyle approach that is meant to be seen as a new way of living, not a punishment, trend, or a quick fix. The rules are as follows …

1. Meals should include three key elements: protein, fat, and vegetables

2. Foods you buy shouldn’t have listed ingredients that are long and unrecognizable

3. Limit Caffeine, and alcohol intake

4. No processed foods

5. Stay away from refined sugars, and white flour carbs ( Pasta, white bread)

6. Drinks lots of water

7. Main objective: Replace foods/snacks that are normally filled with sugar and ingredients that pump your body with subsequent toxins creating problems areas, with healthy food that will help you cleanse and stay running smoothly

Duigan also encourages lowering your stress levels.

Thank you Emilia Clarke! I have decided to try and integrate some of these tips and rules into my own diet and eating habits.Hopefully I’ll start to resemble Khaleesi? I know that’s unrealistic, but maybe I will start to feel like a happier, healthier Kimmie? In a way, that would make me more like Khaleesi then not. Standing up for your body in the college dining hall by not eating the cupcake, I feel would make her proud.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Mom can I maybe go a few shades lighter? ( Get It? Cause Khaleesi? She has cool white hair! Yup you probably get it.)

Yours Truly,

Daily Kimmie

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