The Daily on Trending Halloween Costumes of 2017

Dear Reader,

Can you believe its October? I can’t! I feel like time has gone by in super sonic speed ever since I started university. Yet here we are, the leaves are changing, the temperature is dropping outside and what is that I smell? Pumpkin… spice… latte?  There is so much to be excited for this upcoming season. The second season of Stranger Things, autumnal makeup, apple picking, and oh right, Halloween is coming up! My friends ( luckily) share the same passion for the holiday,  and in a fit of sheer enthusiasm we drove to a Halloween store and took a look around.





Something I noticed when we were playing around in the store, was that most of the costumes with the most shelf space were television and movie based. Pop culture has always had a home in Halloween. Due to the evolution of media streaming and the internet taking on a more prominent role in our day to day lives, aspects in our lives have been impacted and it has gone completely over my head. Now our costumes aren’t just cop and princess they are specifically media based, characters from shows and movies and mainstream media. Wanting to learn more, I did a little research into the trending costumes of 2017. After going through the following websites: Party City, Spirit Halloween, Wholesale Halloween,  Harper’s Bazaar, and Buzzfeed, the following are the costumes that kept popping up repeatedly.

• Wonder Woman
• Stranger Things
• Pennywise It
• Rick and Morty
• Bay Watch Characters
• Belle from Beauty and the Beast
• Hocus Pocus Characters
• Giraffes
• Hippies
• Mermaids
• Unicorns
• Game of Thrones Characters
• Harley Quinn

If you are interested in keeping on trend, or just curious as to what the top selling costumes of the year are so you can avoid them, I hope this helped! Halloween costumes now are based off of popular viewership holds, What has the highest watch count, and how can we be as close to the influencer as possible. What is your favorite show? Are you going to dress up like a character from it for Halloween? Did you see the costume in a party city window display? Would it have been there seven years ago?  I was thinking about being Khaleesi, but I am still undecided.

Yours Truly,



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